Information about Czechinsure

    Czechinsure specializes in Czech insurance for non Czech speakers.

    We do what we can to help non Czechs find their way through the Czech insurance system and can help you claim on your insurance even if you are not insured through us.

    Czechinsure is an insurance brokerage service and as such, we guarantee we are an independent service provider.
    We have a portfolio of insurance companies we work with and with we can provide the right cover at the best price for you.

    Czechinsure is registered with the Czech National Bank (CNB):
    (registration number 127101PPZ).

    To check registration of a company look here: CNB Search page
    Note: you may have to accept a security certificate from the CNB

    You have a choice of search options:
    Type in the company name in the line: Institution Name
    Type in a company CNB license number at the line: Registration number
    Type in a company ICO at the line: Company Identification Number

    Note: All Czech companies should have an ICO (an identification number) and a company should have their ICO on their website.

    Click search and that should provide you with the details of the company and whether they are registered with the Czech national bank and legally sell insurance in the Czech Republic.

    Having expatriate experience allows us to understand your needs and find the right cover for you. We can help you choose the plan that best suits your needs.

    Czechinsure offers free comprehensive services of the highest possible standards, tailored to our customer's needs.

    Please note:
    Czechinsure provides services in English but, according to Czech law, all insurance polices must be in Czech. Contracts in Czech language are recognized by Czech courts. Therefore while a lot of our site and information is in English, all legally binding contracts must be in the Czech language.


    Czechinsure sro.
    Jana Zajice 5
    170 00
    Praha 7
    Czech Republic.
    ICO: 27412148

    Phone: +420 774 553 596 (Monday to Friday 9 - 5)


    No hidden fees

    We have no hidden fees or charges. We have the same prices as Czech insurance companies.


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